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New Life in the Church

March 30, 2011

Let me say, right off the bat, that I can’t take credit for some of this information.

Let me follow that by saying… how many people do you know can say to you, ‘My bishop has a blog’?  Excepting the speech about the technological advances/regression – depending on your viewpoint – of communication in the last two decades, I still think it a strange thing to say.

However, on his blog my Bishop relayed the information pertinent to the Easter season regarding the acceptance of new believers into the church and in addition to that, new deacons who will go on to become priests.  It’s an exciting thing to hear.

In my church approximately 30 new Candidates (prior valid Baptisms) and Catechumens (never Baptized) are expected to be received into the Church this Easter.  According to the Bishop over 2,000 people are going to be received into the Church in our diocese this Easter and 6 men have been ordained transitional deacons on their way to becoming priests.

We have such a growth in our diocese and in my church for both religious vocations and converts that it’s quiet reassuring and encouraging to see it.

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