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By What Authority II

May 7, 2010
“Continuing my reply to Mike Gendron’s posting on his site
Let’s talk for a moment about authority.
By what authority does Mr. Gendron teach what he teaches?
Is he mentioned in the Bible?
Can he trace his ordination through the laying on of hands that he received all the way back to the Apostles so that he may claim Apostolic authority?
Has he even been ordained and had hands laid upon him?
How is it that he talks about rejecting God’s authority when he himself has no authority to be claiming the things he claims nor to be teaching the things he teaches?
I adhere to the authority of the Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself.  Is Mr. Gendron under any such authority to a church, a pastor, or…who?  Doesn’t seem to be.  So yes, I reject something, but it is not God’s authority that I reject, rather I reject Mr. Gendron’s claim to the authority (whatever it may be) to pronounce judgment upon Catholics and Catholic teaching.  I reject his claim to the authority to infallibly interpret the Bible for me and one billion plus other Catholics and seek to force us to swallow his fallible, man–centered interpretations of Scripture.  It is Mr. Gendron who rejects all authority other than himself, including God’s, not Catholics who do so.  I call upon him to name the authority that he operates under?  Dare he claim that he has been visited by the Holy Spirit and given authority by that very same Spirit?  Dare he claim the Bible gives him the authority to teach and preach as he does?  If so, how so?  Again, where is his name in Scripture that I may believe?  Does the Bible say that just anyone can pick up a Bible and start preaching and teaching based on his own personal, fallible interpretation of the Bible?  No, it does not.
Regarding John 8:24, I do believe Jesus “is He.”  Who is Mr. Gendron to decide if my belief is true or not?  Who is Mr. Gendron to pronounce that I am or am not saved?  By what authority, Mr. Gendron, do you do these things?
To close, one question for Mr. Gendron: Please give me your interpretation of Malachi 1:11.  What is the “perfect offering” that is being offered in all the nations from the rising of the sun to its setting?  I thought Jesus’ death and resurrection made null and void the requirement for any “offerings?”
Finally, last week I asked the question: How is it we know the difference between the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error?  Is it by reading the Bible?  Mr. Gendron’s theology forces him to say, “Yes.”  However, the Bible, in 1 John 4:6, says it is by listening to the leaders of the Church.  Hmmm…”
by: John Martignoni
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